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Data Backup

At Frontline we recognise that your data is very valuable to you – from your family digital photos, videos, music and your “My Document” files that include everything from letters, spreadsheets, databases, your work files and even emails. All of this data is stored on the hard disc drive – the component in your system that is most likely to fail first.

Data Backup
If you have experienced a disc failure, you will understand the frustration of losing years of data in just a few seconds and although everyone understands the value of their data, many people do not believe that their disc will fail. A backup of your data is essential and is a simple process that can even be automated. There are many backup systems from complex automatic systems, instant duplication of data on your disc and backup to online “Cloud” based systems.

Frontline’s technical staff can advise you about best backup practice for business and domestic use.Frontline can help you to understand which is the best solution for you.

  • NAS Backups
  • Cloud backup systems
  • Local Disc to Disc Backups
  • RAID Systems

NAS Devices
These are network attached storage devices that present themselves on your local area network and allow you to simply drag and drop files into a folder. If the NAS device is of a sufficiently high specification, then it may support RAID – a mirrored disc drive configuration for added security. RAID is quite effective because whatever you write on the fist disk gets duplicated to the second disk so if either disc fails, it does not lead to data loss. The disadvantage of this type of device however (for backup), is that it while it serves as a backup of your files, it will likely be located in the same physical building where the original data is stored  – so a fire or theft may still lead to loss of data.

Cloud Backup Systems
With current broadband speeds, backing up your data to “cloud based systems” is a good solution. Frontline can help you setup and configure online backups so that a set of your most current files is always available to you, wherever you are.

RAID Systems
RAID systems are commonly used in Servers and are an effective measure against failure of hard disc drives, They do fail! RAID is not really a backup; its more of an insurance against disc failure.

RAID is configurable in a number of different ways depending on the balance between performance and redundancy that is required.  Further, the RAID ability is available as a hardware or software solution and both have their relative merits.

In its simplest form,you would have two identical discs and whatever you write to the “drive”, gets written to both discs simultaneously. So if one of the discs fails, the system would carry on and users would not see any data loss. One of the problems is that if you get a virused file, it’ll be present on both discs.

Even if you have RAID installed, you should still have a backup.

Which Backup should you use?

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