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Professional Multi Screen Computers

Delivering high quality PCs for the last 28 years

Frontline has been manufacturing multi-screen computers for demanding applications such as CAD, Graphics and Forex Trading for well over 20 years. A single PC base unit is configured to allow multiple screens to be attached and when configured properly, all of the monitors work seamlessly with the Operating System and any application. We have successfully deployed 6 monitor systems driven by a single MIG-Pro Workstation.

We have always maintained a philosophy of building high quality with no compromise into every system. We have done the hard work of putting together a system that is reliable under commercial environment, systems that delivers consistently fast speed and presents the information on Eizo’s superb quality monitors. (See Awards).

Latest Processors

Latest processor technology used in all systems to maximize performance.

Workstation PCs for the Professional Trader

Our Professional range of Trading Workstations are ideal for anyone wanting to find a trading system built specifically to meet the requirements of a modern trader. We understand that to successfully trade the markets, you need fast access to information, instant execution time and clarity of information. If you are looking for a Workstation that will power up in seconds, load multiple forex trading or stock trading charts quickly and display them at high resolution on pin sharp display screens, then look no further.

Available in multiple formats starting from dual screens.

Quad Screen Configuration

Pair of Quad Monitor Systems, side by side.

Triple Screen Configuration

3 Monitors on a single stand; this is a common configuration used by Forex Traders

5 Screen Configuration

Quad Screens mounted with a separate single main screen.

Wall of monitors

4 Triple Screen  and 1 Quad Systems were used to create this wall of monitors.

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