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Frontline help businesses realise the benefits of information technology by delivering affordable solutions and on-site services that have a direct and measurable impact on improving their performance and efficiency.

  • Local Area Networking and Internet Connectivity
  • Full Network installation including cabling infrastructure, comms equipment, IT equipment, commissioning and deployment
  • Ongoing On-site maintenance and Support


We offer a wide range of business services that ensure a smooth operation of all of your IT including PC workstations, networked devices and business IT infrastructure.

Our wide range of business services centres around efficiency and optimisation of your existing infrastructure and providing newer services to complement existing infrastructure wherever possible.

For bespoke technical assistance, please arrange a meeting to discuss your specific requirements.

For critically down businesses, we can offer immediate on-site assistance in order to minimise down time and disruption to your business.

Frontline support services include:

  • Network analysis and diagnostics
  • Disaster recovery planning and implementation
  • PC and Network upgrades
  • Software installation and upgrades

Equipment failures can account for a significant amount of your employees’ non-productive time. When your company has computer problems especially on a network productivity comes to a screeching halt.

Frontline helps you minimize costly downtime with critical response service solutions. Our qualified technicians arrive at your location with all the necessary equipment to get you “up-and-running” or back online.

Repairs, Upgrades, Equipment, Installation, Integration, Hardware, Software, Structured Data Cabling, Data Communications, Scheduled Maintenance, Project Management, Operating Systems Configuration & Support

Networking Issues

Network related issues include

  • User unable to login
  • Router and firewall problems
  • Corrupt desktop operating system
  • Printing problems
  • LAN cabling


Disaster recovery planning and implementation

  • Local Backup policy
  • Cloud / Offsite Backup
  • Disaster Recovery plans
  • UPS installation


Network Security

Firewall Specification and installation

Firewall configuration

PCI compliance Security

EndPoint Security

AntiVirus and Spam protection


Software installation and upgrades

  • Desktop Operating System Update
  • Server OS Update
  • Application Software Updates
  • Email Client management
  • Workstation deployment
  • Security Software deployment

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