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Computer Systems from Frontline are built-to-order and marketed under the MIG brand name. MIG PC’s are assembled and tested at our assembly plant so you get exactly what you need, from a basic configuration to fully fledged high end, high performance CAD Workstations and Servers.

Not only are we confident about the quality of the components that go in our systems, we have one of the best most responsive customer and technical Service. Try us.

MIG Systems 
Used in industry for the most demanding applications. All MIG Systems are burnt in for a minimum of 24 hours so that we pick faulty components before they end up with you. That means high reliability and less hassle for you.

True Plug and Play – at an altogether different level.  
A MIG System is ready to use straight out of the box. All the peripherals that you purchase with your MIG Computer will be properly set up and configured for you – prior to shipping. Furthermore, if you require, we can ensure that all installed software is pre-registered and configured to you or your organisation.

When you are looking for a PC system that is beyond convention, systems that are ultra high performance or when you simply want the best that Industry has to offer, MIG Computers deliver. From sheer horsepower to multi-screen computers for such applications as forex trading / shares trading and other high end applications requiring several displays on a single base unit.

Customisation – and we mean 100% Customisation!

Tech you can appreciate

When you are looking for a PC system that is beyond convention, systems that are ultra high performance or when you simply want the best that Industry has to offer, MIG Computers deliver… Click here to find out more about our range.

If you were to pick the best components from each industry sector – the most reliable high performance motherboard, the fastest  bulletproof processor, right down to the monitor and input devices – you would end up with a Frontline MIG PC. No compromises.

NUMBER CRUNCHING was never so sexy!!

MIG  – Technology at its best.

Eizo monitors with fully height adjustable tilt and pivot stands
100% Aluminium Chassis
Latest generation processors
Performance Display Port video cards for multi-screen support
Solid State Discs in single or mirorred (RAID) configuration
Cordless mouse
Cordless keyboard
DVD Writers
Gigabit Network interface with optional Wireless Networking built in.
No compromises means you don’t wait around for the machine to catch up with you!


Multi Screen on a single PC. We have successfully deployed 6 monitor systems driven by a single MIG-Pro Workstation.


Commercial Rack Mount Servers - MIG RQ

MIG manufactures Industrial Strength Servers in 19” Rack Mountable Format in sizes from 1U with complete customisation of specification.
MIG RQ equipment is designed to be fully upgradable, and modular to ensure that you protect your investment unlike many other Rack Mount manufacturers.

19” Rack mountable Servers

1U Web Servers (Show picture)
Workgroup and File Servers
RAID Application Servers
Storage and External RAID Arrays Options

NO Compromise –
MIG uses MYLEX High performance RAID
and U160 High performance SCSI Discs.

But thats not all – Exceptional internal cooling
Hot Swappable Power Supplies
Black or Cream Hardware
Free Standing with Rack Mountable Kit (buy system as a free standing unit and when your business is ready to mount the server in a 19”Cabinet, simply purchase the Cabinet Mounting Kit

Fully Microsoft HAL compliant

Any engineer will understand that Equipment should be burnt in to ensure the highest standard. Thats why all of our servers undergo a full 72 Hour Burn in with 2 hours at full load. Only if the equipment passes this rigourous test session does it pass our Quality Control.

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